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So, why should you write?

If you’re not new to writing, then you already know the answer. However, if you’ve recently begun writing – be it writing in a journal, on a blog, on a Facebook page, or simply on a word document – then here are a few reasons why you should engage in, and enjoy, your writing!

I think the most obvious reason you might consider writing is simply to express yourself. Life is NOT easy, and EVERYONE struggles. We all occasionally crawl into our deepest pits of despair, swimming around in our own emotions. And I’m pretty sure you know it’s NOT safe to keep it all bottled up. This is one of the leading causes of depression, and we all want to get these things off our chests.

As a teenager, I was EXTREMELY emotional. I suffered the loss of my father, I endured bullying, I cried my way through the death of one of my best friends, and I experienced minor trauma that NO teenager should have to know, and how did I get through this? Listening to music and WRITING!

Writing is a gateway to your innermost feelings, and until you put the pen to the paper, or your fingers to the keyboard, you may have suppressed feelings that you never knew existed. Therefore, it is a 100% healthy way of expressing this!

Sliding away from the feels, another reason you may consider writing is to put that wild imagination of yours to some good use! We all daydream, but do you have those same ideas that never seem to go away? DON’T LET THEM! Although you may think that some of your ideas are silly, someone out there will definitely enjoy them! These silly ideas are the door to your chance to be the next J.K. Rowling or Neil Gaiman or Stephen King!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit extreme, but you never know. If you entertain yourself with that “nonsense”, imagine the hundreds, maybe thousands, maybe MILLIONS who may find it appealing!

On another note, you know that one story you want to be written? That one thing you desperately want to read about, but nobody has written it? Guess what? That’s your opportunity! You would never believe how many people could be searching for that same story, but have yet to stumble across it.

Perhaps you don’t want to write fiction? There are NUMEROUS non-fiction topics that you can write about in order to help people like yourself: Cooking, sports, motherhood, gaming, travelling, finance… The list goes on and on… and on… and- Oh, you get the idea!

Not only is writing helpful, healthy, and just plain fun, but it is also an excellent career opportunity! Maybe you don’t want to be the next huge author- fine. Maybe you do want to be the next huge author- even better! But you can write as a day job! The internet is FULL of these opportunities! Although you may start out small as a one-time blogger for a magazine, your foot is IN THE DOOR! From that small, teeny-tiny step you’ve just taken can potentially bloom into a long-term career if you either reach out to or are discovered by that one person or business!

“But my writing isn’t good enough!”

Well, join the club! I still consider myself as an amateur, but the web has SO MANY sources where you can learn more, and some of them are FREE! There are some low-cost classes on the internet that you can take to expand your knowledge in writing, be it blogging or literature. Another good source? YouTube! Several authors have their own channels (Like Jenna Moreci and Alexa Donne), and they create and post vlogs specifically to help and inspire people like us! (Seriously, guys! Check them out!)

Whether you decide to write for your own entertainment, or you actually want to aspire to be the next big author, I hope this has given you some inspiration!

What are your writing goals? Share them in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Why Should You Write?

  1. I’ve recently asked myself why I write, and even though I journal, I do feel that writing doesn’t connect me with my feelings as much as others do. But I think I’m beginning to understand why I like writing—it’s to perform. Other people can sing, or dance, but I can write. I guess that’s why I do it?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this interesting article!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. kaylamclaney says:

      That’s a point I didn’t even think of! But yes, many have a writing talent, and I’m sure most people with that gift do in fact write to perform. Kinda embarrassed that I didn’t include this. But thank you for your opinion!


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