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“I had to become king, for I knew then, and only then you could be mine.”

-King Edward, The White King
Corinne M. Knight – The White King

The White King is definitely an interesting historical fiction novella, written by a talented new author. Over the course of 107 pages, Corinne M. Knight tells the story of a just, but vengeful king who looks to avenge the death of his father and his brother, who were killed in a battle against the French Queen’s army.

While King Edward is headstrong and passionately determined to take the thrown of England, he must face and eventually defeat the cold, ruthless French Queen as she takes command of her ill husband’s army. Along with King Edward’s fight to attain the throne, he also seeks the heart of his beloved Elizabeth, who he swears to make his Queen.

This story is full of vengeance, power, war, hope, love, lust, and victory. I am personally not a fan of historical fiction, but The White King was definitely worth the read! I believe Knight deserves a great applause for her debut novella, and I proudly rate the book with four stars! I definitely look forward to what else she has in store for us!

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