Fiction with Kay

I read. I write. You enjoy!

Fiction with Kay

I read. I write. I draw. You enjoy!

What Do I Do?

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I read interesting novels. I enjoy fantasy, horror, and paranormal fiction.

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I discuss the books I’ve read or am currently reading. Very often, I write reviews on them, and give my honest opinion.

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Did I mention I’m a writer? I write short stories, and I offer helpful advice to blooming authors. I even discuss my own methods of writing, all for your enjoyment!

Why You’ll Love It Here?

As a goofball myself, I know how to make my content more fun and just as helpful. Writing is no easy task, but I am here to guide you as I venture down my own writing path.

Here, I also share my own short fictional works, just for your entertainment!

Occasionally, I hold weekend events themed with certain books and movies! During these events, I write reviews, dedicate entire blogs to these books and movies, create artwork based on the theme, and urge viewers to participate in discussions on the topic!

Overall, I offer a light-hearted, exciting, and whimsical environment specially for readers and writers just like you! So, grab your cup of coffee, your favorite book, and that cozy sweater, and come join me!

“You’re phenomenal… Please tell me you’re writing a book! I would love to read it…”

TeeKay from The TeeKay Take

“This is the most exciting article I’ve read on WordPress!! You’re very talented!! Keep up the good work. Cheers to your writing skills!!!”

TeeKay from The TeeKay Take

“Loving these tips.”

Jessica E. Larsen

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